Boho earrings:God given gift

  1. The bohemian style that defies the world and flaunts convention

I've always harbored an unspeakable love and affection for the so-called bohemian style of clothing. No other style demands and loves detail as much as bohemian does: lace, ruffles, knots, tassels, belts, carvings, beading, sequins, all flamboyantly displayed, bringing to mind the extravagance of the Six Dynasties and the Tang Dynasty. Its colors are a dizzying and splendid mix of dark grey, deep blue, black, red, orange, and rose red, chaotic and breathtaking, like Picasso's obscure abstract paintings and the blotchy, aged religious oil paintings of the Middle Ages, offering a challenging feast for the eyes.

boho earrings

Without a doubt, in this fast-paced era that values simplicity and clarity, the boho earrings, which indulges in intricate details, is a luxurious alternative. Just like bohemians have always been seen as eccentrics in the eyes of the world, the bohemian style has always been a unique and unrestrained beacon in the world of fashion.

For this reason, not every woman is suited to boho earrings; those without confidence are mercilessly swallowed up by the layers of color and illusions. Sanmao once said that only three women in Taiwan were suited to the bohemian style: Pan Yueyun, Qi Yu, and herself. Only when attached to the soul of a woman who is independent, proud, and smart, does the bohemian style that defies the world and flaunts convention truly shine.

  1. What is Bohemia?

Bohemia is a landlocked country in Central Europe, once part of the Roman Empire. Today's Bohemia is part of the Czech Republic, with Prague, once its largest city, now the capital of the Czech Republic. In the 19th century, the term "Bohemian" was used to refer to the poor yet rebellious young artists and students in Paris, who lived like gypsies. Today, the term still applies to itinerant artists on the fringes of society and the city.

The "Bohemia" we talk about today is not geographically Bohemia. In fact, many people don't even know where Bohemia is, but that doesn't matter. Bohemia has become a spirit, a culture, a symbol, even a fashionable accessory. It has inevitably become commercialized and secularized in industrial society.

  1. What is the Bohemian Style?

The term "bohemian style" is often used in the fashion industry. The "bohemian style" that people talk about today is a style of clothing that retains the characteristics of certain nomadic ethnic groups, characterized by bright hand decorations and rough and heavy fabrics. The emphasis is on blue-toned eyeshadow and blue accessories, the favorite color of Bohemians, combined with brightly patterned clothing, highlighting the free-spirited and romantic Bohemian style.

boho earrings

  1. Bohemian Clothing and Accessories

The Bohemian style is loved by the capricious lady of fashion. It owes its lasting popularity in the fashion world perhaps to its free-spirited style. In concrete terms, this means that it can take the free-spirited colors of wanderlust as its main theme, while also painstakingly seeking perfection in details.

  1. Conclusion

Choosing Boho earrings might mean choosing a kind of solitude. The brave and strong Bohemian might display an outward wanderlust that cannot hide their inner desires, to reach higher, perhaps facing the loneliness of "it's cold at the top". Today, with the great integration of ethnic groups, Bohemia is becoming more diverse,