The Connection between Dispersed Digital Printing Materials and Boho dresses

Characteristics of Bohemian Style Patterns In recent years, Boho dresses has been seen at various fashion shows and in fashion magazines, and Bohemian has become a symbol of freedom and unrestrained spirit. The characteristic of Bohemian style is the pursuit of freedom and individuality. Typically, Bohemian style expresses a romantic, folk, and free feeling through intense colors and intricate designs. Some have commented that Bohemian can be compared to Picasso in painting, with his oil paintings bringing an obscure abstraction. This style is also more like medieval religious paintings, with a mottled and antique appearance, and is as confusing as natural marble patterns.

Bohemian Patterns and Dispersed Digital Printing Materials

Through the collection and sorting of relevant information, it can be summarized that Boho dresses can be presented through many objects and shapes. The elements that typically represent Bohemian style are exaggerated accessories such as prints, tassels, sequins, and lace. Among these accessories, prints are the most representative of Bohemian style. With a wide variety of digital printing types, whether it is a headscarf or a long skirt that reflects Bohemian style, the style of the printed pattern determines the quality of the clothing. In the entire garment, the most eye-catching feature is the use of digital printing to create various patterns, which provides a different visual impact.

The Compatibility of Dispersed Digital Printing Materials and Bohemian Patterns Dispersed digital printing materials bring different styles to Bohemian patterns. Some dispersed digital printing materials have irregular, circular patterns, while others have Bohemian patterns with specific ethnic characteristics. At this time, the digital printing materials are far from the original strong color contrast, and the shape of the print is not too clear, giving people a hazy and romantic beauty.

Some digital printing materials use bold and exaggerated color contrasts, with more bright colors and patterns, making Bohemian style luxurious and exaggerated. In addition, some printing materials use small floral patterns and scattered horizontal stripes to reflect another aspect of Bohemian style that is simple and rustic. Dispersed digital printing materials can fully express Bohemian patterns, and their combination is a new way of expressing beauty.

The Influence of Dispersed Digital Printing Materials on Bohemian Fashion Styles Different dispersed digital printing materials will also have an impact on clothing styles. Initially, digital printing materials had an ethnic style. The original meaning of Bohemian referred to the free-spirited Gypsies and decadent cultural people. The initial Bohemian style showed this folk and decadent style. Therefore, the initial digital printing emphasized loose styles and comfortable wear. After a long period of development, commercial influences on Bohemian-style clothing have become increasingly severe. Styles have been differentiated into two levels, from simple and rustic to luxurious and exaggerated, and the contrast of colors has become stronger.

boho dressesThe Application of Dispersed Digital Printing Materials in Bohemian Fashion The inspiration for the author's design was a set of network pictures, featuring a woman wearing a Bohemian-style skirt on the street. After collecting and sorting a large number of images and information, the author decided to design Bohemian-style clothing using the most popular digital printing technology. Through an understanding of the latest scientific technology, it was discovered that digital printing technology can express colors more vividly and more colorful. The principle of color matching for this clothing design is to combine multiple intense colors to make the entire design more saturated, primarily in black.、

Expression techniques of dispersed digital printing materials The expression techniques of digital printing materials on Boho dresses are relatively simple. They use relatively pure colors, materials with high transparency and a touch of gray, while rendering with different colors such as white, red, and camel. In terms of color matching, the luxurious and exaggerated style of Bohemian clothing shows a higher saturation of colors through bold color combinations. The printing materials are usually expressed on the collar, cuffs and other positions, while the skirts are expressed on the hem. The Bohemian-style clothing designed this time uses digital printing technology and has a stronger ethnic character. The colors are mainly blue, red, gray, and black. Each designed piece of clothing has a unique style, and the colors of each set of clothing are not chaotic but have a traceable order.

Expression of dispersed digital printing materials in style The initial expression of dispersed digital printing materials was prominent in the headscarf. Wearing a headscarf with a pattern of Bohemian-style printing, the strong color contrast highlights the ethnic flavor. There can be many types of patterns on the headscarf, including tarot cards and other patterns. For the clothing pattern selection in this design, great caution was exercised to achieve distinctive style characteristics without having a wide overlap with existing pattern elements. Therefore, most of the designs used diamond-shaped printing patterns, and used stripe or stripe-like designs on the lower hem of the clothing. This design can better display the slim figure of women. The design of the neckline of each garment is different. One of them is designed with an open collar, there are also V-neck and one-neck designs. This design better reflects the unique passion and laziness of the Bohemian style. Some of the clothing fabrics use cotton and linen, which have a unique style when worn. Over time, jewelry with Bohemian style also emerged. The expression is relatively stronger than the headscarf. Although the bracelets and necklaces worn on the hands or necks are not as complex as the headscarf and long skirt, they appear more concise, but the expression is more prominent."
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