Brand Story

LikeMyChoice® - I See The Light

The flower is always so beautiful, fascinating, and free. She never blooms for whom but herself. She blooms towards the light without any little hesitation, doubt, or fear. Why is she so charming? Because she is a part of nature. She found the light. She found herself. 

At LikeMyChoice, we offer Boho Design handicrafts, which include Jewelry, Dresses & Flower Accessories. Inspired by nature, we believe that every creature and moment is unique. So we make every single handicraft natural & unique by hand. Whether you are searching for a piece of exceptional jewelry set for a gift or to add some sparkle and sophistication to your wardrobe. We are your unique choice.

We believe you are not wearing it to please others. You just simply like it. The very moment you touch it, you are touching nature and the light in your heart. 

I see you. I see me. I see the light. - LikeMyChoice

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When we meet at LikeMyChoice, it's just the story's beginning.

The growth of our brand is like the story of a growing tree. Nature is the sapling we sow, and Boho Design is the robust trunk we grow. Guests, brides, cosplayers, and festival goers are the trunk of our brand. The blooming flowers are boho accessories, crystal jewelry, and exquisite earrings.

Our Guarantee

Our mission is to help global customers enjoy the magic of shopping on and the feeling of buying high-quality necklace sets, earring sets, and bracelets at low prices. We promise to do all we can to find exactly what you are looking for. We are committed to providing you with a satisfying shopping experience and will do our best to do this.

Highest quality with affordable price products.

Reasonable Return & Exchange Policies.

Knowledgeable Product Support and Customer Support.

Approaching Nextnecklace

High-Quality Selection

LikeMyChoice™ is a strategic brand product of the renowned enterprise. With strong supply chain resource integration capabilities, we can select high-quality partners among a wide range of suppliers. sgs certification is the basis for supplier selection. We strictly follow the five steps of CITST quality control during production: inspect suppliers, inspect production, test sample quality, spot-check products, track after-sales, and ensure that all products meet consistent quality standards and user requirements.

Affordable Prices

Supported by premium supply chains and a self-built supplier repository, LikeMyChoice™ has advantages and independence in pricing, providing cost-efficient necklace sets, earring sets, and bracelets with excellent quality to global users.

Convenient logistics

Our long-term strategic cooperative partners in logistics are UPS, FedEx, and EMS. We also cooperate with DHL, which has a tremendous reputation in the logistics industry, to ensure your package arrives at your destination safely and securely. We ship worldwide to nearly every country across the globe, covering North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and more. Believe us, believe in professionalism.


Love from the team LikeMyChoice™