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LikeMyChoice™, Love what I choose!


  At Like My Choice, we value self-realization above all.

  We believe you are not wearing to please others, you choose what to wear simply because you like it, you are feeling confident, independent, and comfortable!

  We feel the same at Like My Choice and are committed to delivering your choice of happiness with the best value and quality. Passing on value and celebrating independence and happiness with you has been our joy and mission.

  If you like our store and share the same values as us, come join the party in our social groups and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on specials, new products, and fun seasonal events. And feel free to come back visit us anytime.

  When we meet at LikeMyChoice™, it's just the beginning of the story.

  The growth of our brand is like the story of a growing tree. Vintage clothing design is the sapling we sow and nature is the robust trunk we grow. Brides, costumers, cosplayers and festival goers are the trunk of our brand. The exquisite accessories are a blooming flower.

  Have you ever read the fantastic story of Alice in Wonderland? You will feel the overwhelming dreamy wonder in the tree hole of our brand. Now I am the rabbit in the story that leads you into the hole. Do you want to explore the fairy tale world with me? Explore the wonderland, Like my choice.


Love from The LikeMyChoice™ Team